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 Meet our Queens!


Tehya Tulakapaki of Joy Of Sphynx

Tulakapaki  is 5.5 yrs old and is registered with TICA. She is a silver lynx tabby. Her most stunning  feature has to be her eyes. They are a beautiful shade of aqua blue. Tulakapaki (called “Tula” for short or “Paki”) is a very playful girl who loves getting into mischief when no one is looking! What does Tulakapaki mean? It is an Indian word, meaning “the best of everything”. Tehya means “precious” and she is definitely that! Tula is adored by my daughter Stephanie and is never far from her arms. We are happy to count Tulakapaki as a member of our family! Retired from our breeding program April 2017.

HCM scan negative: 8/2012, 12/2013, 9/2014, 9/2015 & 10-2016

FeLV/FIV negative: 12/2011

PCR negative: 2/2013




Joy of Sphynx Yzma Found Her Groove

YZMA blue female sphynx OWNED by Joy of Sphynx YZMA - blue sphynx female - owned by Joy of Sphynx

Yzma is our gorgeous solid blue Sphynx born here in our cattery in October 2014. Her parents are Gracie Lou and Magnum. Yzma has amazing gold eyes and is always underfoot, curious about what each family member is doing. She loves to cuddle in blankets and play with hair ties she hides all over the house. Yzma (pronounced Ease – muh) produces gorgeous, stunning blue kittens who have oh-so-soft skin. We are excited to count her as a member of our family! TICA registered.

HCM scan negative September 2015 & October 2016, FeLV/FIV negative






Baregenetics Whimsical Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina black and white female - owned by Joy of SphynxWilhelmina, affectionately known to us as “Willy” is our black and white Sphynx. This gal comes from a big family – she is one of 11 kittens born in September 2014! Wilhelmina is a busy girl and is always running up and down the stairs for her daily workouts! She likes to sit at the patio door and watch the birds, hoping one day for someone to leave the glass door open… just a crack! She is best buddies with Yzma and had her first litter Feb 2016. TICA registered.

HCM scan negative September 2015 & October 2016, FeLV/FIV negative




Joy of Sphynx’s Enchanted Giselle

GiselleGiselle was born March 2015 to Cozy and Magnum. She is a solid black Sphynx with beautiful golden eyes. Giselle is a feisty young lady with endless amounts of energy. She loves her toys and enjoys hiding hair ties under all the rugs in the house – we have yet to figure out why! Giselle also plays fetch. You throw her ball, she runs after it and drops it at your feet, begging for you to throw it again! She’s a great addition to our Cattery and so much fun to watch!

HCM scan clear March of 2016, FeLV/FIV negative




Joy of Sphynx Tabitha

Tabby 1

Tabby 2

Tabitha, affectionately known as “Tabby” was born to Tulakapaki and Magnum in April 2016. Tabby is a blue tabby and is the sweetest cat in our Cattery. She is so loving that two of my kids fight over who she actually belongs to! After much discussion they finally agreed to share her 🙂 Tabby is unique in that she LOVES socks. Dirty, clean, wet, dry – doesn’t matter to her. She runs off with any socks left unattended in our house. She will chew them, play with them and eventually leave them all over the house. She’s got a lot of personality and is so much fun!

FeLV/FIV negative, HCM negative 2/2017

Desert Sphynx Matilda


Matilda is the newest member of the Joy of Sphynx clan! She comes to us from Desert Sphynx Cattery and is a beautiful tuxedo! She was born May 2016 and will be added to the breeding program summer 2017. Matilda is full of energy and is a very entertaining kitty!

FeLV/FIV negative August 2016, HCM negative 2/2017


Unless otherwise specified, my Queens are not for sale. Thank you! 🙂