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Grooming your Sphynx

Posted by on August 21, 2011

Items you will need:

Baby Shampoo

Pet Ear cleaner

Baby washcloth

Warm Towel



Most people are surprised that Sphynx cats actually have more grooming responsibility than cats with hair. They don’t have to be brushed obviously, but they do need weekly baths. Most Sphynx are used to being bathed so they tend to tolerate their weekly baths well.

How you bathe your cat depends on your preference. Some people like to fill up the sink/tub with water and others prefer to use the hand nozzle to the sink. The water temperature should be warm but not too hot. I get their bodies a little wet and then put some shampoo on their back and starting working up a good lather. Wash their bodies well with the wash cloth but don’t rub too hard since Sphynx have sensitive skin. I use baby shampoo for their bodies which seems to work well and doesn’t burn if it gets in their eyes. Make sure to wash their whole bodies, including their rear end and tail. Pay close attention to their toes and nail beds, where oils can accummulate and need to be removed. After rinsing the cat, I wrap them in a warm towel then start cleaning their ears while they are nice and warm. Wrapping them up like a little burrito and setting them on the counter works well!

Most cats dont mind their ears getting cleaned and it only takes a few minutes.  I use Nutra-vet ear cleanse for cats but have used others that work just as well. Use the washcloth and ear cleaner to gently clean the inside of the ear. If needed you can use q-tips to get into the crevices of the ear – just don’t go too deep. You can cause damage to the cat’s ear canal. After cleaning the ears, I check the cat’s nails to see if they need to be trimmed. I generally trim them twice a month. Just clip the very tip of the nail off. Their nails are clear – you should be able to see the pulp inside. Only cut the clear portion!

After all that is done, bath time is over and you have a squeaky clean Sphynx! Repeat weekly or as needed!

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